Staying Safe on the Internet

The Internet is an amazing place but on it lurks dangers for both people and computers.

Protecting People on the Internet

As a resource the internet seeming limitless, but along side the good information lurks the darker sites. In both Home and Business, it is often desirable to manage the type of websites that people can access, thereby preventing them from stumble on the less desirable aspects of the Internet.

Children left to surf the net on their own, unresticted, may visit sites with undesireable images of violence or pornography.

Protecting Children

By the time they are 16 years old, 90% of kids have been exposed to Internet porn – usually while doing their homework – often by accident. On average, their first exposure to porn was at age 11.

Managing adult internet access is often for other reasons, in the workplace to ensure that only business related web-sites are accessed and at home to prevent people accessing pornography or gambling sites etc.

Restricting Adults

Controlling internet access in the workplace

Restricting internet access at home

Protecting computers on the Internet

Any computers connected to the Internet are vulnerable to attack from Hackers and Fraudsters, trying to prevent this from occurring is becoming more difficult.