Staying Safe

Internet Safety

Although the internet is a source of vast knowledge it also has a darker side..


PC Hijacking, Identify Theft, Hacking, Viruses, Spyware, Offensive Websites to name just a few.

The Steps to Staying Safe on the Internet

Step 1) Always connect a computer to the Internet through a Firewall

Connecting a computer to the Internet without a Firewall and just using a Modem, (like the one many ISP’s give away free), is exposing the PC to a world of compromise and typically within 15 minutes it will be taken over and turned into a Zombie by the Hackers.

In the UK over 150,000 PC’s a month are being taken over as Zombies by Hackers

A Firewall prevents others from directly accessing a computer from the Internet.

Step 2) Install Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software, if kept up to date, prevents Viruses from running, since they are identified before they can complete their exploits. Up to date Antivirus Software will also help protect a PC from becoming a Zombie for the Hackers.

Step 3) Prevent Spyware and Adware

The lowest cost solution is to install a free anti-spyware program like lavasoft or a chargeable product like Spysweeper however both of these do not provide full protection as they are signature based solutions and can only stop Spyware which they know about.

To provide full dynamic protection against new unknown Viruses, Spyware and Adware from the Internet, a service called SecureDesk-Web reroutes all your internet web traffic via a dynamic “Artificial Intelligence” Malware Scanning Server thereby preventing any Web based Malware attack from even reaching your PC.

This prevents a PC from becoming a Zombie.

Step 4) Install Web Filtering Software

Secureweb software is an Internet Filtering program, providing full control of the type of websites and activities that a PC can do on the Internet.

Secureweb brings the control needed for the PC on the Internet and can be configured to control access according to a users needs, with full control over when and at what time that access is allowed.Whether the computer is in the Office or at Home, there are many things on the internet which are best left unvisited. In the workplace, a PC with open access to the Internet, is liable to become a source of time wasting, with the staff visiting Shopping, News and Sports Sites instead of working. At Home, a PC with open internet access, brings Pornography, Gambling, Violence, Hate, Illegal Drugs and Chatroom websites within easy reach of all the family.

Secureweb Controls include:

WebSite Control – Over 36 different website Categories / Types can be managed.

Email – POP3, IMAP and Webmail can be restricted and allowed as required.

Newsgroups – Can be prevented from being accessed

Instant Messaging – A source of potential risk and time wasting, can be controlled

File Sharing – Prevention of programs like Kazza which brings access to illegal software

Reporting – Providing reports of the websites visited as well as statistics

Step 5) Use an Anti-Spam Solution

SecureDesk-Mail for the Small Business is an Anti-Spam solution which is unlike most other for the Home or Small Business user. It prevents Spam or Emails with Viruses ever arriving and sends a Daily Report to each user, identifying any junk that has been blocked by the system. The System also prevents zero-hour viruses.