The Risk – Spam Email

The Dangers of Spam Email

Email is now a key means of communication both for business and pleasure. It has shrunk the world, with people able to communicate with each other in seconds, rather than the days or weeks conventional mail took.

As with conventional mail though, the marketing enthusiasts have seized the opportunity and bombard us with junk email or Spam.

Spam by definition is unsolicited email and the name orginates from the Monty Python Sketch featuring the Vikings singing Spam, Spam Spam.

Spam Emails vary from being innocuous to offensive, pornographic or down right dangerous. Phishing Spam which tries to steal funds from your bank is obviously to be avoided.

More and more the criminally inclined are using Spam to distribute new Zero-Hour Viruses. These Zero-Hour Viruses are targetted viruses designed to capture control of PC’s before any anti-virus company can detect or stop them. When some hours later the AV companies have updated their program, the Virus developer just stops publishing that virus and launches a new Zero-Hour Virus attack.

The Solution

Email Filter for Spam and Viruses

The most effective way to stop Spam is to subscribe to an Email Filtering Service. With an Email Filtering Service like SecureDesk- Mail it not only stops Spam arriving but also checks all emails with at least two leading Antivirus engines. During the early part of 2006 clearmail is due to be introducing technology to prevent Zero-Hour Viruses.