The Risk – Instant Messaging

the Dangers of Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is an amazing invention for keeping in touch with your friends and family but is also a place where Children can get bullied or groomed.

Instant Messaging is better than a chatroomwebsite because it is closed, with only those who know your online user ID able to reach you. However if someone obtains your ID they can then send you a message and the danger arises from this.

Messages from existing or new users can easily become offensive or bullying at any time and could result in major stress to a child, which parents need to be aware of.

Instant Messaging also brings the added risk from files being transferred. The files transfered can be of dubious content or contain a virus which infects your computer

Instant Messaging can also be a place for infidelity where adults communicate with others, without the knowledge of their partner.

The Solution

1) Web Filtering

Using a Web Filtering program like secureweb, you can block the use of Instant Messaging programs if you wish, and in a new release due out in early 2006, will provide the option to disable the File Transfer facility of Instant messaging, thereby providing better protection.