The Risk – File Sharing

The Dangers of File Sharing

File Sharing is the ability to transfer Software, Video’s, Images and MP3 Songs between two computers across the internet. There are various software programs out there that provide this facility including Kazza among others.

The problem with File Sharing is that there are no controls, the transfer of Pornography, copyrighted material like MP3 songs, videos or Licensed Software can all take place without anyone being immediately aware. For a family PC this can be a problem for whether it is a Child or an Adult transferring copyrighted material, it is still illegal and could result in a charge of criminal action.

The Dangers of File Sharing

When you transfer a file from another computer, you don’t know whether that file may also come with a virus which could compromise your own machine, but also there is the whole issue of the legality of it.

On a family PC there is also the danger that inappopriate Pornagraphic material could be transfered and hence circumvent normal internet filtering.

The Solution

1) Web Filtering

Using a Web Filtering program like secureweb, can block the use of File Sharing programs, thereby preventing the problem becoming an issue.